How will level 3 work at Anann?

Please respect others and be patient when coming to pick up your food and beverages. Keep your distance from staff as they bring you your items out to you. Level 3 only works as a contactless pick up system. Payment will be contactless through the front window. Please have a card that has contactless capabilities. ID will be required for any alcohol purchases if you look young. Please be prepared for that and take it as a compliment if we ask.​ We will give you a time for pick-up, please don't be late so as not to cross over into someone else's timeslot. Keep to your own bubbles please.

What you need to know.

What's available?

Food menu

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Beer list

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How do I order?

Once you're decided, call or text us on 021 158 0847, let us know what you would like.

Order before 4.30pm

We will give you a pick up time that suits you and can work with our contactless pick up system.

How do I pay?

At the moment, cash can NOT be used as we are operating contactless.

Our EFTPOS machine can accept paywave payments through the window. Please have a card that has paywave capabilities.

Level 3 hours

Wednesday to Sunday 5pm - 8pm.

This is the time that pick-ups will available.

We will take orders on 021 1580847

Please have orders in before 4.30pm on the day you want to pick-up.