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Are you a restaurant?
No. We are a pub that likes to make really nice pub food.


Do I need to book?

Yes. If your table has 6 people or more, please call us to book. 075737337. Groups any larger than 6 require furniture to be moved and can be much harder to fit in. Please call us if you want to book anything. Social media messages and emails are not checked as regularly as the phone. Leave a message if we don't answer. Messages should include your name, your phone number, the number of people and the day/date and time you want to book.

Are you serving food now/is the kitchen open?
Yes. If we are open we are serving our full menu. Since we're not a restaurant
we figured there's no need for a division of meal times. Anytime is a good time
to have a bit of food with your beverages.

Why are there pineapples everywhere?
Anann means pineapple. So let's make it a theme. Plus they're quirky and fun.

What does Anann mean?
Anann is the Irish word for pineapple. We have connections with Ireland and
have also noted in our travels that there are many languages that have a very
similar word for pineapple (ananas).

What's the significance of Pineapples?
The pineapple is the international symbol of hospitality and welcome. We felt is
a good way for us to stay true to our roots and our love of the hospitality
industry. Besides, pineapples are super tasty in food and beverages and so very
wonderful for quirky decor. Anann serves a very select range of products. All
our food is thoughtfully planned and lovingly executed. Fresh, local and
genuine. It's possible to have simple food that tastes extraordinary, if it's
crafted in the right way. We hope that you enjoy your time with us and that
every time you see a pineapple, you'll think of your experience and smile.

Are you open everyday?
No. We close on Mondays and Tuesdays (unless it's quiz night). It was a quiet day and as we are a family run
business, we take two day per week to prioritise our young family. Thanks for

When is your quiet/busy time?
Anytime. The nature of the hospitality industry is that we can be busy/quite at
any time on any day for a number of reasons. Just generally, Fridays tend to be
humming. Saturday evenings can sometimes go off too. Monday is by far the
quietest day as we're always closed. December and kiwifruit season are usually busier
for the town of Te Puke on the whole, we're no different. January and February
are usually quiet in Te Puke on the whole and again, we're no different.

Why don't you serve Waikato/Lion Red/etc..?
We prefer to serve beers that are made with real ingredients and crafted by
people with a real passion to make the best. Although the mainstream beers
may be made by some people with passion, they are part of a faceless
corporation that looks to make profit. The small breweries we support often
have the brewer as the sales representative/office manager/delivery person or
all of the above and more. We are a little local business supporting other small

Is it ok to have kids in the bar?
Yes as long as they are properly supervised. Our licence does not allow anyone
under the age of 18 to be on the premise without the supervision of a parent or
legal guardian. This means, you can bring your own child in but if their friend is
with you on a visit or whatever, they are not allowed in. You are not the legal
guardian just because their parent might know where they are. The legal
guardian is a very specific legal title, not just friend or family member that is
minding/in charge of the minor for a while. We're not trying to be difficult, it's
the law.

Can someone under 18 come in for a meal?
Only with a parent or legal guardian. This means that they can't come in even if
they are only drinking soft drinks. Our licence does not allow anyone under 18
to be in premise without a parent or legal guardian. It's not us being difficult,
it's the law.

Can I have my function at Anann?
Yes. We have several options from small to large functions. If you want a table
or a whole section that's pretty simple. If you'd like to have the whole bar to
yourself, there is a minimum spend required. That amount depends on the day
of the week and the time of the year. You're best to come in to the bar to talk to
us about any function you're planning.

Are Dogs Allowed?

Dogs are permitted in the outdoor areas only. We adore dogs of all types here, but it is a food serving premise and there are some people out there that are not so comfortable with dogs, no matter how small or quite your pooch might be. Please be respectful of other patrons and keep your fur baby close to you, preferably on a lead, when other people are in the area. Exceptions are of course made to the inside area rules for the case of professional dogs such as those with visually impaired persons.

What time do you close?

We will close at 9pm if there is nobody or only a handful of customers around. However, our license covers us to be open much later for the evenings when we are busy and have a large number of people socialising.